postheadericon Collaborative Law

In today's society, the separation of the family unit occurs frequently. However, the way the family recreates itself is up to the adults. Remember, not matter what, if you have children how the parents act will have a significant impact on the them. A key in this approach is that the children will also have a voice in this process.


Whether you are common law, or legally married, using the collaborative approach is highly beneficial to every family as it uses a non-adversarial, problem solving approach to compiling information about the needs of everyone in the family, including the children. Then engage everyone in creative discussion to attain a resolution that fits the true needs of the family.


The unique element of this process is that the professionals involved, and the parties, agree that during this process, none of them will be engaged or commence any form of litigation. The parties can obtain:

Social workers to assist with issues related to the separation and/or divorce,

Financial professionals to consider the needs and best interests of the children as they grow, and that of the parents as they also move forward towards retirement. This professional can assist in determining a realistic financial contribution of each parent towards the children instead of a legislatively imposed one.

Legal professionals to ensure that there is a balance of power within the discussions.