postheadericon Our Commitment


In this day and age, our firm understands money is not easy to come by and should be used to enhance the family. Unfortunately, that sometimes requires the use of lawyers to obtain a resolution to important issues involving the ones you love. We are committed to providing our clients with positive representation at reasonable rates. Part of this commitment is to ensure that the client understands the realistic outcomes and the financial, emotional and psychological cost of pursuing claims for the sake of the fight or for the "principle" of the matter.


With this in mind, please remember that when you engage the services of any lawyer, you will be charged for every contact you have with the lawyer, their office and any time spent on your matter. To that end, you may want to ensure that, prior to contacting your lawyer, you may wish to write down key questions you have and/or require clarity on and determine what the best method of contact is (i.e. email, telephone, face to face meetings etc).


Above all, we are committed to helping people put the pieces back together in the most effective, efficient and appropriate manner available to them.